The power of a mother's love is probably what sustained life on earth. Even a docile cow fights like the tigress if her baby is threatened...suggesting that civilized society should provide unquestioned support to every mother during their selfless care of their offspring.

MothersApp, an adroid app, is meant to make it a little easier to be a mother. It helps her to fashion out the wonder of wonders into its finest form. It helps the mother to ensure better care for her angel to transform it into an angel to the world around it, giving bits of inputs to form a human that worships mother & motherhood-recognizing  mother as the creator and sustainer of all life. It helps her record the growth of the most complex creation on earth from the tiny crying helpless bit of flesh that separated physically from her on its journey to realize its infinite potential. MothersApp is also meant to record those emotive days of motherhood to create an album and help relive those eventful days, the most painful pleasures, for the rest of her life. 

Your child's protection begins from within:

Protection for your baby developing inside you should start a few weeks from conception. The must do actions, like Doctor visits, scans and tests are all scheduled automatically by MothersApp. Your baby deserves the best and you dream of a perfect baby and MothersApp helps you realize your dream.

  • With minimal inputs, the app generates a DO-list for the would-be mother.
  • The app guides, warns and alerts on actions that you have to do
  • Flexible snooze options make it all practical
  • Automatic logging of events
  • Include memo, images & photos to the events log
  • Personalize the DO-list of the pregnancy period as guided by the doctor-adding new records, changing dates as appropriate

Child Care (after birth):

Given the date of birth, Vaccination schedules are generated automatically by MothersApp. You can not afford to fail your angel and MothersApp will never let you either.

  • Automatically generates the dates for all the vaccinations
  • Warnings and alerts give you time to avoid a failure
  • Flexible snooze options to make everything realistic
  • Automatic logging of transactions
  • Type memo & attach images and photos to make a comprehensive log 
  • Add your own entries to the DO-list as guided by your pediatrician.
  • Option to alert another person-doctor, case of a failure

Child's Developmental milestones:

A child's growth and development needs to be closely monitored to ensure adequate inputs of medicine, food and physical and mental care. MothersApp gives you necessary awareness warning you in advance of each milestone of your child.

  • Milestones from 2nd month to 16th month
  • Birthday linked date-range for each mile-stone.
  • Warnings give you time to study and act
  • Flexible snooze options to make everything realistic & practical
  • Automatic logging of transactions
  • Type memo & attach images and photos to make a comprehensive transaction record 
  • Add your own entries to the DO-list as guided by your pediatrician.
  • Insert your culture-guided mile-stones events to the DO-list
  • Option to alert another person-doctor, case of a failure

Support, Guidance & Expertise is just a tap away:

(we are not talking about support for using the app here)

Motherhood and childcare are always associated with too many of those unknowns where you need to explore, understand and interact. This is especially the case, when special needs children as involved. MothersApp gives you links to web content that are known to be useful. The contents are categorised and includes comments that can guide you to the appropriate information.

    • Categorised groups of websites with remarks that can guide you.
    • Leads you to the fruits avoiding the mines in the minefield that the internet really is.
    • A chat group where you can share your experiences with others

Mother's Log:

A mother's life is eventful. There are great happy moments, there are exciting events, and there will be painful and sad occasions. Recording them with an ability to get them back will be a dream fulfilled for many mothers. And MothersApp tries to do that.

  • Instantly record any event, including social, financial, educational, professional...
  • Make it colorful-Attach text, images, photos. videos, even audios to the record
  • Categorize them-health, social, educational, wellness, financial...And you can add your own categories
  • Powerful find and filter options finds even a needle in the haystack.

Instant Scribbles, Varieties of toDOs, Personal diary, Quick reminders....

Options listed above, to support Motherhood and child-rearing, are specially created for the mother. A Mother is more than a mommy and MothersApp acknowledges that by including all of JohnnysApp, the app for every johnny, a general purpose app that we have created, into MothersApp. Every mother will be better off with smart toDO lists, scribbling pads, multi-media personal diary, Asset records, Media and app tracking, quick reminders, phone modes etc.. These standard features of JohnnysApp are obviously not excluded from MothersApp.

  • Powerful scribble pad with sticky scribbles and alerts
  • toDO lists-varieties of them leaving no excuse for a failure.
  • A multi-media personal diary
  • And a lot more... from JohnnysApp